Cassandra Clare Month #2: City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels

City of Glass
The third installment of the Cassandra Clare’s widely acclaimed series “The Mortal Instruments” brings more action and more insight into the history of the complex and enchanting world of Carly Fray. This time, she has to go to the City of Glass, the home of the notorious Shadowhunters, in order to rescue her mother, Jocelyn from the face of danger. Along the way she will have to tackle life-threatening situations almost on her own until she meets charismatic Sebastian. What happens next will not be revealed in this review, but it will be stated that this part will bring fans some joy, as some secrets are to be dug out. However, it is questionable how readers who meet with The Mortal Instruments for the first time will react to this part, as the plot has already gone far away from the first couple of books. City of Glass brings the action to all the right places, provide a reader with some answers, but on the other hand, still retains that lovable sense of mystique and fantasy that drew readers to this series at the first place. It is not common that young adult series become better with every new installment, nevertheless, “The Mortal Instruments” is comfortable with making this happen, and it drives characters toward believable character arc, unlike so many others representatives of the genre. So far so good for Cassandra Clare, and this is the part that will stick into your head, with many aficionados already proclaiming it as their favorite part. Who are we to disagree?

City of Fallen Angels
When Cassandra Clare announced that “City of Glass” is going to be the concluding chapter of “The Mortal Instruments” saga, fans were in utter despair. The third installment was good, great actually, but people were craving for more. Thus. “City of Fallen Angels” came along. This represents the beginning of the second trilogy of the series, as Clare put it. Carly Fray may have survived The Mortal War and came back to her ordinary life, but that was never meant to last. A new danger is rising on the horizon- Shadowhunters are being mercilessly murdered. Shadow of a doubt, naturally, falls on Downworlders and things seem to escalate again. Carly has to apply her new abilities and prevent another massacre as she tries to find out who is behind murders. So much about the plot. As for the novel itself, it boldly goes to recreate the universe that made it and its creator famous. Nevertheless, these endeavors are not often wise things to do, as “City of Fallen Angels” may testify. This saga was always dancing on the fine line between fantasy and derivative corniness, but managed not to cross that line in the first trilogy. However “City of Fallen Angels” takes another path and unfortunately, seems to fall into the trap of many young adult novels- it begins to melt. Many fans will say that Carly from this part is not the same person as the one who stole the thunder in the first three books. Her character development seems to dissolve, which can be said for the other characters too, especially Simon. All in all, this novel might be a deal breaker for many devout readers of Clare’s epic world, and those who carry on towards the fifth installment may consider themselves real fans.


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