Neil Gaiman Month #3: Good Omens, Neverwhere

Neil Gaiman is an author, who was born in Hampshire, UK and lives in the United States. He discovered his love of books when he was still a child. In fact, he used to persuade his parents to drop him off at the nearby library on their way to work. This is where he spent the day reading books

The author has been accredited to be one of the creators of modern comics. In addition to that, his work crosses genres, and it has reached all audience of all ages. Nevertheless, he has been listed in the dictionary of literary biography among the leading modern writers and its prolific creator of work.

Among a variety of books which the author has written, the following are two book reviews:

Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett:

Good omen is a book which was written by collaboration between two fantasy authors: Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.

The accurate and nice prophecies of Agnes Nutter, who is a witch, is a comedic and contemporary fiction which was authored by Terry Pratchett 1990 and Neil Gaiman in 1990. After the birth of the antichrist, the four bikers of the apocalypse have been gathered. This has indicated the end of the world. Demon Crowley and angle Aziraphale have been hoping to be accustomed to their lives on earth. Despite the fact that they are mortal enemies, they have decided to work together in raising the antichrist. They have hopes that the antichrist might decide not to carry on.

Good omens are the funniest works of fiction which have managed to create a story which is weaving cynicism, large doses of satire and unconventional humor. The strength of the story is its side plots. In fact, the power of the story is the side plots themselves. In the story, there are characters which are there to grab cheap laughs.

The above description will give you a highlight of the complex array of plots and characters of the book. The little details will give you a hint of buying the book, and you will achieve a great story.

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman :

Neverwhere is not only a witty but also an interesting story. By reading the book, you will enjoy it as it has also become an adaptation of the television series. The book was written by Nail Gaiman and Lenny Henry. Moreover, it was directed by Dewi Humphreys. When it was aired in 1996 on the BBC two, there were six episodes and each of them was 30 minutes.

The Neverwhere is a story of Richard Mayhew, who is a Scottish boy living in London and very much stuck in the rut of life. Richard has a fiancée whose name is Jessica, a job which he is contented in and friends. But, all the above turn up on its ear when a girl who was injured mysteriously appeared out of a solid’s brick wall. Being a gentleman who is also controlled by fate, Richard left Jessica to attend the injured girl. After that incident, the person was faced down and enveloped inside bulky clothes. After that, Jessica took Richard’s arms and tugged him towards her.


The above is a highlight of two book reviews written by Neil Gaiman. You can buy the books online, and you will enjoy as there are fascinating..


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