Rick Riordan Month #3: The Red Pyramid, The Throne of Fire

The Red Pyramid

Rick Riordan has already shown how capable he is in turning ancient mythology into action-packed young adult novels. Everybody knows about Percy Jackson and the Olympians. However, in 2011 Riordan thrilled his fans by publishing new saga called “The Kane Chronicles” that is based on the Egyptian mythology. This series is situated in the same universe as the one with Percy Jackson and it follows the story of Carter and Sadie Kane, plucky and curious siblings, who have to deal with the Egyptian deities in a similar way as Percy Jackson had to deal with the Greek gods. “The Red Pyramid” is actually the first novel in the series, and it establishes the characters and plot. Carter’s and Sadie’s father, the Egyptologist, takes them to the British Museum where he makes an experiment that goes horribly wrong, causing ancient Egyptian gods to emerge from the shadows. The Kane siblings have to overcome their fears and fight against Set, god of chaos, that serves as a villain in this series, in order to preserve the humanity. It seems kind of similar to Percy Jackson saga and that is the first question that readers will ask- do the series differ in any way? Well, for a start, in “The Kane Chronicles” there are two narrative points of view- Carter’s and Sadie’s. It can bring a lot of fun to see how two siblings who were raised under different circumstances come to experience the fascinating world around them. However, there will be some readers who will claim that “The Kane Chronicles” is basically Percy Jackson with different set of deities, and that would not be far off scent; however, this is the series that is made for commercial reasons- those who are already enjoying the ride will not mind partial recurrence of the old motifs and themes. Others will not read it. It is as simple as that

The Throne of Fire

“The Throne of Fire” presents the second entry to Rick Riordan’s “The Kane Chronicles”, series that follows adventures of Carter and Sadie Kane as they meet the world of Egyptian deities. The second part opens with The Kane siblings who are somewhat aware of their god-like origins, as they set out to save the world from the Apophis, the mythical snake that pledges to swallow the Sun and wreak havoc wherever it lands. In order to stop Apophis’ cruel intentions, the Kane siblings have to summon Ra, ancient Egyptian god of Sun, and the supreme Egyptian deity. This task will not be easy, and they will have to face numerous dangers along the way, but also encounter some interesting characters, such as their uncle Amos Kane. magician/musician or Bes, a god whose power is ugliness. As for the narration, it still stays the same with separate chapters told from Carter’s or Sadie’s point of view. Sadie’s British accents seem to diminish as the plot goes forward, though. There will be some disputes regarding the development of characters- some will say that The Kane siblings lack the fundamental sincerity and charm of Percy and Annabeth as well that that they will never step outside the shadow of the Olympians. This may be true, but it is also true that the series provides us with some captivating relationship between brothers and sisters and gives great insight into the Egyptian mythology. It is also filled with action and interesting supporting characters. Those are some good reasons to read this series, if not to like it.


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