Rick Riordan Month #4: the Lost Hero, The Son of Neptune

The Lost Hero book review

This humorous, fast-paced, action packed, page turning, and epic saga is unquestionably a must read. The Lost Hero is not just entertaining to read, it also comes with an educational value. It would make you curious and immersed to know more about the details of Greek Mythology. Rick Riordan would make you gain an appreciation for the rich culture of both Greek and Roman Mythologies, and might even leave you clamoring for more.

Basically, the book continues to where the Percy Jackson series ended, retaining some characters while introducing new ones. The story revolves around three friends, Jason, Piper, and Leo, who ended up at Camp Half Bood and learned about their previously hidden identities. They were unveiled to be demigods who must embark on a journey to defeat giants. All in all, these three are a good addition to the characters we’ve already come to love in the Percy Jackson series. They are introduced as classic and awesome, just absolutely amazing. Riordan has this way of getting me be attached with the characters, and I just downrightly love how the perspective switches then and there. The characters also served as good role models who relayed positive messages, such as the importance of bravery, friendship, and loyalty.

In general, the character’s diversity in the series remains as one of its strengths, them originating from different backgrounds, having identities that are relatable in so many ways, Also commendable is Riordan’s sense of humour and his clever and interesting mix of myth and modern. It’s a spot on. I also commend how the plot moves quickly and character development. I thought Percy Jackson couldn’t be better, but I was wrong. I loved it even more!

All things considered, the book is a superbly orchestrated continuation of the Percy Jackson Series. It is exceptionally well written, witty, fun, and educational. The splendid story telling of Riordan would leave you on the edge of your seat, leaving you wanting for more. That’s just how interesting it is.

Witty and Well written, The Son of Neptune is something to be sought after

With Percy having lost his memory, but then must undertake a mission to rescue someone as well as defeat two giants, where in some instances he needed his memory to connect the dots about the quest they were going to solve, the story smoothly picked up to where the previous book left of. This spin-off is something to be sought after.

The new heroes introduced, Hazel and Frank, where one is dealing with the late loss of his soldier mother, are both adorable with both having mysterious past. They are a good addition to the characters, as they are both refreshing and captivating. Furthermore, Riordan’s endeavour to teach the distinction between Greek and roman gods is brilliantly manifested in the book. And it’s just amusing to see the differences between the Greek and Roman camps, their war diversions, and their methods of making interesting predictions about the future. Indeed it’s not just an action packed, fiction book meant for entertainment, it also has an educational value. Also, the story is easy to read, especially for those acquainted with Riordan’s simple and quick paced style. He made a brilliant job with the book once again, turning age old legends into the story and mixing it with the modern, in a way that’s refreshing and sometimes, interestingly comical.

I simply loved the humour of Riordan’s story telling. Additionally is it witty, edgy, which made me love it even more. The pace is also commendable, as Riordan simply timed and planned the events to flawlessness perfection. He is a genius in his own right. All in all, it’s a good read and an extraordinary book loaded with surprises. It’s all I have hoped for, surpassing my expectations even.



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