Veronica Roth Month #2: Insurgent

Insurgent, the second installment of Veronica Roth’s “The Divergent series,” that depicts the harsh realities of an oppressive Dystopic society, truly is something worth the read. It just gets better and better. The story, which revolves around a young fugitive woman’s quest to go against the political machinations of an oppressive ruler, is written in such an absorbing way that I simply can’t put it down. Most sequels are disappointing, but this book did nothing, but to compel me to read and read further.

One of the beauties of Insurgent is that the story didn’t end when I finished reading the last page of the book, as it also left me wondering about the present occurrences happening in today’s society. Simply put, it opened my eyes to the harsh realities of life, but at the same gave me hope that life doesn’t end there. There is still a chance for it to change. Yes, the book is entrenched with so many violent scenes. There have been tortures, gun fights, and brutal deaths then and there, but the book goes beyond just that.

Personally, it opened my eyes, with all its rawness, to what is happening in the real world. It showed me how leaders try to take control of their citizens, and how they are being treated as puppets, and also showed the importance of knowing what’s real and what’s not. Just as much as what the Hunger Games trilogy was able to show me, Insurgent gave me an overview of what might happen in a moral and freedom deprived, fractured futuristic society where people are treated as objects and not people. Veronica Roth was able to make a thrilling plot that was able to make an in-depth exposition of a dysfunctional Dystopic society. Indeed, the book is informative. It just has this way of allowing you to reflect from within. That’s how well-written it is.

I also liked the character build-up. She made me love the characters and made me feel like I am part of the book too. I empathized with their struggles. There have been even times when I screamed out of frustration, so engrossed with the happenings, and the brilliant storytelling just made me feel in love with Tris and her beau’s romance. Veronica Roth profoundly made an intense, mind blowing, and breathtaking world. Also, I loved the fact that Tris was not portrayed like a damsel in distress ready to be rescued by her boyfriend. Instead, she is presented as a brave and fierce woman who has a mind of her own, and can protect herself on her own. Furthermore it is noteworthy to talk about the part where she, the fugitive Divergent heroin, faced an internal struggle, due to some circumstances, which caused her to attain self-forgiveness. Seeing through the lenses of today, this is a vital process many people should learn.

All in all, Insurgent is such an exceptional piece of writing, with many positive values being incorporated too. It showed the importance of love, courage, hope, friendship, and family over everything else. I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone.


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