Veronica Roth Month #3: Allegiant

The third installment of the Divergent series – Allegiant was the finale. A sci-fi novel series which is tailored for young adults through the eyes of young adults. The book revolved around sending positive messages, portraying good female and male role models and efficient problem solution. Allegiant set out to wrap up the highly popular series. The faction-less army lead by its tyrant leader Evelyn seeks to assert its dominance even further than in Insurgent. Tris and Tobias have departed to find out what lies outside of Chicago and go search for answers. For the sake of not spoiling the book for potential readers, we won’t dwell on what they had found!

The style Veronica Moth used to write the first two books seemingly vanished – there was a hint of inspiration and glee that wasn’t too prevalent before. Furthermore, her metaphoric prowess seemed far more polished as her words painted a very descriptive and vibrant picture. Furthermore, the content was far more mature than it was previously. As it was the last installment it needed to go out with a bang – bombings, death, injuries, intimate romance and adult based themes were much more noticeable. However nothing was taken to the extreme and it is still an appropriate read for the age groups intended for the previous two groups.

The story itself was quite interesting as it tackled metaphorically the issues that are common in our time. The change in dynamics, however, took some getting used to and was easier to consume the quarter of the way in reading. The point of views of both the divergence Tobias and Tris clashed and mended seamlessly which proved the character development process was pretty much complete. Mysteries left from the previous two books were revealed at frequent but inconsistent intervals but there was always something left for the ending.

The great thing I liked about reading Allegiant was that it didn’t linger on one issue for too long. There was a consistent flow of new and exciting entertainment and that resonated well with me. However this can be quite problematic from a different angle – there was always something new going on considering the book shifted between the perspectives of Tobias and Tris, which lead to a twisty and chaotic plot. This double narrative isn’t hard to pull off and I personally am of the opinion that Veronica Roth pulled it off quite efficiently.

The conclusion to the Divergent story, however, has fans divided – now we won’t be revealing what had happened but there was a resonating backlash against Roth for the ending she chose to go with. Pre destined stories are extremely hard to close off on and satisfy everyone. A similar example of this of another sci-fi series was Mass Effect, which was a game. A petition was created to have the ending changed and new downloadable content was made available to do exactly that. The backlash wasn’t as severe for Allegiant but it’s still noteworthy. Veronica Roth is a creative and entertaining individual who did her best to tie up loose ends. I am glad to see that the intent of the story was to create positivity and inspiration in the direst of situations and would happily continue reading the future writings of Veronica Moth.


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