Veronica Roth Month #4: Divergent Series Short Stories

Welcome to the last article about Veronica Roth. Hope you enjoyed these! Leave comments on who I should read next month below!

The Transfer

Those who are in love with the highly popular Divergent series by the No. 1 NY Times best-selling writer Veronica Roth will be fully captivated by The Transfer. The Transfer is the 1st of the four stories which is actually set in the intense world of Divergent and the told from the perspective of Tobias. Each of these stories is just fifty to seventy-five pages long.

In The Transfer the readers witness the aptitude test of Tobias and the crowning moment when he gets the rather infamous nickname – Four. The readers get to experience the encounters between Four and his father Marcus. The scene in Four’s bedroom is probably the standout moment in the book but no spoilers here so we are not going to reveal anything about this moment. Te Transfer is a great book as it successfully gives a huge depth to the character that always seemed so secretive in nature. Once you finish reading this, you will wait eagerly for the next short story.

The Initiate

The Initiate is the 2nd of the four stories in the Divergent Collection. It provides the readers a sneak peek into the Dauntless Initiation experience of Tobias, his first tattoo and his first real feelings about the dangers of being Divergent.

It is a very short book (65 pages) but has lots of beautiful characters and is a great read. In The Initiate the readers get to witness Four coming out of the Abnegation shell. In the beginning he totally keeps to himself and hardly speaks to anybody. He has no friends or enemies but concentrates only on his training. We get to learn how Four established a bonding with Zeke & Shauna. Here he gets his first ever tattoo and slowly tries to understand the dangers and the pitfalls ahead of him. A good read but a bit short which might not go down well with some of the readers.

The Son

The Son is the 3rd installment of the four stories and here we come across Tobias struggling to find his place in the Dauntless hierarchy. Four also suspects of a real foul play in the Dauntless leadership and stumbles upon a secret about his past that has a telling effect on his future.

This is a phenomenal book and probably the best of the four stories. It is all about what Four did after passing the initiation. Here Zeke sets Four for his first ever date with a petty looking redhead named as Nicole. But the comical part is that Four finds it really tough to shake off his Abnegation values. He also learns about his torrid past and what really happened to one of his loved ones. In a nutshell, the readers will witness Four’s independence in this book and how he refuses to be a pawn!

The Traitor

The Traitor is the last installment of the four stories in the Divergent collection. The story actually takes place a couple of years after The Son and, in fact, runs parallel to the early events of the Divergent. This is a robust story as it follows Tobias unraveling the intricate details of a grand plan that could really derail the faction system. But he makes his own plans to keep the Abnegation safe and sound.

It is interesting to note that The Traitor also takes place on the Visiting Day of Tris. The readers get to learn that Four had been highly suspicious of Jeaniene & Max Matthews for quite a long time. Actually he uses his position in the control room to keep an eye on them. After a certain event concerning Tris, huge tension builds between Eric and Four. Readers simply love this installment as it is full of tension and surprise events!


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