Agatha Christie Month #3: Murder at the Vicarage, The Body in the Library

Murder at the Vicarage

Colonel Lucius Protheroe is one of the most despised individuals in St. Mary Mead. Protheroe has a mean superior and demanding attitude that many people resent. He looks down on the weak and the have-nots. When he is found dead, detectives have an extensive list of suspects to question. On the other hand, his wife is having an affair with Lawrence Redding, a local artist. Many people would have wanted the sadist dead, and investigators have to investigate every lead.

This information-rich and clearly written book charts relatively unknown territory with which we urgently need to become much more familiar. The story follows Mrs. Marples experiences in helping to help investigators to find out who committed the crime. The story explores the shortcomings in today’s detective work. It is especially surprising to read that when Pompous Chief Constable Melchett originally suspects Basil Blake of committing the heinous crime he later becomes dismissive after Melchett visits him. The story depicts how vicious criminals commit murders and escape without an even slap on the wrist. This scrumptious mystery brings up questions like why a popular man has been killed and why his corpse is discarded right in a public place.

The Body in the Library

Protheroe traumatized his daughter with his strict and over the top rules. He treated his assistant with disrespect and accused the vicar of stealing church funds. The minister even said that the death of Protheroe would be a service to the town people. To make matter intriguing, Patheroe was found murdered in the same vicar’s house. One silver lining in the tale of treachery is Jane Marple who has detecting abilities and is willing to help Inspector Slack with investigations. Mrs. Marple utilizes her deductive skills to determine the facts of the crime. The film is fast paced, and viewers will enjoy the fast turn of events.

The ideal introduction to characters in the book and the numerous sub-plots that seem to be revealing the truth are excellently plotted. The book also features high-quality lighting that will keep your eyes on the screen. The classic lineup of characters from young to old is impressive and makes the film appear real. The blend of gritty realism and brutal murders with a suspicious atmosphere introduces a reader to a world of first-class mysteries. The incredibly well-developed storyline utilizes economy and subtlety to create the beautiful character of Mrs. Marple. The characterizations in the book are flawlessly done and once can easily relate to the thoughts, moods and reactions of most characters. Mrs. Marple is a charming character with a touch of old-fashioned that plays well with her detective skills. All characters are given adequate time to develop making the book even more captivating. The story can best be described as a real mystery that gives readers chills and creates intense suspense. The plots are unpredictable, and you will keep wanting to read what happens next.


Murder at the Vicarage and The Body in the Library is definitely action packed books. The blend of astonishing secrets, despicable perpetrators and to make the matters more intriguing well-kept secrets all into extraordinary dark territory make the action based books great. Relentless enemies create an intense adventure in these epic stories. Make an informed decision to watch Murder at the Vicarage, The Body in the Library and enjoy an unforgettable experience of your life.


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