Agatha Christie Month #4: A Murder Is Announced, 4:50 at Paddington

A Murder Is Announced

A Murder is Announced is a classic piece of detective fiction by the most famous mystery writer of all-time, Agatha Christie. The book is a classic which was Christie’s 50th book. It is a mystery that is considered to be one of the greatest inventive mysteries. The classic features many characters with a plot which has many twists. The plot is very gripping and involves Miss Marple,a detective who is regularly featured in Christie’s novels. The book introduces the readers to Chipping Clephorn village in Little Paddocks. There is an advertisement of a murder in a newspaper. Everyone in the village assume it is a hoax. But things get really interesting when Rudi Schertz,a receptionist dies. It becomes evident that Letitia Blacklock was the intended victim.The rest of the story reveals how Miss Marple solves the murder with dignity and grace. The book is a brilliant work having an ingenious plot,which is carefully woven. The ending of the book is nothing short of sheer brilliance by perhaps the greatest crime author of all time. The book is a great example of Christie’s famous strong storytelling ability. The entertaining storyline is sure to make the reader turn pages with anxiety and anticipation. The story is full of suspense, humour and the readers have no idea about the real murderer. The thick plot is filled with tension and is an amazing example of Agatha’s ability to keep the readers engaged. The unassuming nature of Miss Marple hides her clever mind and observation skills, which are required by the readers to solve the murder all by themselves.

4:50 at Paddington

4:50 at Paddington is a work of detective fiction by the Queen of Mystery, Agatha Christie, which was first published in the year 1957. The book was published as “What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw” in the US. This intriguing book is amusing and entertaining. This mystery features Miss Marple, a female detective who frequently appears in Christie’s novels. The readers feel that there is never a dull moment while reading this story. The story features amateur detectives and suspects, which makes the reader incapable of putting the book down till the ending. The power of Christie’s clever storytelling ability is evident in this classic book of mystery fiction. The plot begins with a woman, Mrs. Elspeth McGillicuddy witnessing a man strangling a lady in a train which passes parallel to her own train at the Paddington Station. She reports the murder to the railway authorities, who tell her there was no body or blood in the other train. She goes to her old friend, Miss Marple to find the truth about the murder. Miss Marple tries to solves the case with the help of a smart lady, Lucy Eyelesbarrow. The story is considered to be one of those rare instances where Christie follows the style of Alfred Hitchcock instead of the usual style of convention that she usually follows. The book is a cozy mystery which has Miss Marple at her best. The story is an energiser which entertains the reader with a great plot, full of mystery and humour. This grim story has a little romance in it, which is sure to keep the readers enthralled till the end. The engrossing novel is full of twists and turns. It is a must read for all the youth of today.


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