Camilla Lackberg Month #1: The Ice Princess, The Preacher

For a small Swedish town of Fjällbacka, being brought to the limelight by series of Camilla Lackberg 1novel reviews is the recognition it deserves. The thriller series that focus so much on the life in the quiet village town, the story in The Ice Princess and The Preacher could not have told it any better.

My reading of the two novels was an eye-opener as well as an arousal from the dark abyss I had developed with reading in the recent past. While Camilla tries to put the stories in a simple yet easy to read style, the suspense filled thriller swill leave you wanting more. I’d never read Camilla before but glad I did – if you’re looking to start reading her books, here’s a link to her book series.

A short review of the ice princess and the preacher below can shed more into the world of the writer;

The Ice Princess

The lull in Fjällbacka, a small town is what sets the tone for what the ice princess brings. The main characters are Erica and her deceased parents who had at one time requested her to write a line on Alex’s background for a local publication.

She had not known why her childhood friend should be a subject as such and after her parent’s death; she decides to go back to her village town. The murderous novel thriller opens the reader into the underworld in an unknown city. On her return to the town, Erica finds her childhood friend in the bathtub with all indications of suicide.

Joining the police in trying to find out the circumstances that led to the death of her friend, Erica opens up a can of worms into a mysterious, murderous individual who was hell-bent at protecting the deep dark secrets of Fjällbacka while at the same time, turning jelly to the flirting police detective, Patrick.

The novel setting and the profound nature in which the main character takes up the case is enough to carry the reader away. Lovers of Scandinavian crime based crime novel have something to look forward. A must read for those who love the chilly effect on the novel.

The Preacher

The discovery of a murdered body of a young woman in Fjällbacka was what catapulted two detectives into action. The short-lived excitement of two parents to be- Erica Falc and Patrick Hedstrom was turned into an action oriented discovery to find solution to a murder puzzle.

However, when the detectives find two skeletons beneath the body of the murdered woman, it was clear that the town of Fjällbacka had someone lurking in the dark waiting for the victims. Issues that hamper detective Patrick’s work come to the fore including family and personal ego of colleagues.

The preacher is a family web involving a dark family secret of the Johannes Hult family. The Hult family members in the story include patriarch Gabriel his spouse Liane and estranged wife on who focus is great. The generational aspect of it brings in Linda and Jacob as well.

You can also find reference of Robert and Stefan who are step-cousins of the Hult family and their mother, Solveig. In fact, the preacher was Johannes Hult, the great-grandparent who had moved in the town back some decades.

It is a reality novel that contrasts between real life and professional duty. Though this book thrills the reader into the dark discovery that even the killers die as the discovered skeletons must have been the work of Johannes Hult, who is long dead, it is the face of the detective’s arm which is in question.

Who is the newest recruit of the Hult family killing spree? Can crime webs be inherited? Camilla Lackberg has all the answers in her novel and lovers of crime thrillers will need to find out.


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