Camilla Lackberg Month #3: The Hidden Child, The Drowning

The Hidden Child By Camilla Lackberg:

The Hidden Child is written and published by Camilla Lackberg a Swedish writer. Erica Falck is surprised by finding a strange medal among her late mom’s belongings. The truth of the matter is that the scenario may be compared to other holocausts in real-time. Erica decides to investigate the case due to the disturbance she experienced in the early stage of her life. The actions Erica is taking may unknowingly affect her newborn baby and husband. This novel lays emphasis on the story as one of the best plot-driven in the series. As Patrick goes on paternity leave to manage the house, Erica wants to write an amazing book. Nevertheless, during the process, strange things started to happen. An elderly person is found dead in the neighborhood for some time. One amazing thing is that the dead old man knew Erica’s mother very well. When Erica visited the city, she contacted a local WWII historian. History records that the ol man was brutally killed and this remains the way people live in the city. The novel is cascaded on finding out a kid’s blood-spattered cloth plus other memorabilia. There are a lot of questions being asked at this point. Who would have killed so cold-bloodedly to hide secrets? A stray dog was adopted by Melberg, which helped to locate another dog-owner. This helps Melberg to discover Paula Morales a detective that maximized a counterpoint to the dirty facts that unveil the killer.

The Drowning By Camilla Lackberg:

Erica Falck is a crime writer in the novel The Drowning by Camilla Lackberg. The novel is focused on four male friends and one of them is named Christian. Christian has written a new novel that is aspiring great in the mind of many people. Another novel written by Christian is where Magnus disappeared three months before he wrote the novel. Erica discovered Christian’s skills and also learns of the constant unknown threats he has been receiving. Nevertheless, she investigates the author’s mysterious past and even the messages sent. Another thing to know in this novel is that Christian’s friend has been missing of recent. Patrick Hedstrom a detective and Erica’s husband has his worst suspicion affirmed. This is because the mind-consoles focused at Christian and people around him to become a fact and reality. The truth is that victims decide to hidden evidence with investigation not moving to any direction. One can assume that their silence may be driven by guilt or fear. Magnus has been killed and later his corpse was found and investigation continues. The investigation is led by Erica’s husband Patrik Hedstrom working at the Fjallbacka police. Some parts of the novel also revealed Erica Patrik’s wife and her sister Anna. The novel reveals how Erica has been helping Christian publish his book. Erica decides to investigate the case on her own while waiting to give birth to twins. During this process, Erica also discovered many things that were hidden from Christian and other people around him.


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