Camilla Lackberg Month #4: Fyrvaktaren, Anglamakerksan


Fyrvaktaren starts off during a pre-summer night when a woman jumps into a car with her bloody hands on the wheel. She then zooms off with her son at the back seat in an attempt to escape. From the turn of events, it seems she’s been attacked and is trying as much as possible to evade the looming danger still lurking ahead. Luckily, she manages to flee to the only place she knows to find solace. The place is at the island Gråskär out of Fjällbacka. A few days afterward, a man is found murdered in his apartment .He was a new employee of the municipality, where he worked in the total capacity as the financial manager.

After many years, he decided to set off to his childhood town; Fjällbacka.He was a well behaved person loved by very many people, making it difficult for the detective to trail the path of the murder. However, he did his best in order to ascertain the truth beneath the whole issue. The findings illuminate that the man actually visited Gråskär before his death. The island was also referred to as the island of Holmen and gas known for its dark rumors. The rumors bring out the fact that the dead never get off .Furthermore, the dead there usually have something to say to the living.


In this book, during Easter in 1974, a whole family disappears completely in the island of Valö outside Fjällbacka. When the Easter dinner is served in the dining room, only Ebba, the one year daughter is present. There is no information whatsoever in the whereabouts of the disappeared family members. In fact, the most mind-boggling part of it is that it’s not known whether they actually disappeared voluntarily or involuntarily.

Many years down the line, Ebba and the Husband Marten return to the island. They then lose their there year old son. In attempt to overcome the grief, they make a decision of renovating the house then set up a bed and breakfast. Before they even manage to move in, they suffer an arson n attempt. The crimes seem to distort their lifestyles. This series is certainly a force to be reckoned with!


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