Debbie Macomber Month #1: The Shop on Blossom St, A Good Yarn

This month I want to share with you two highly readable works from the pen of Debbie Macomber. So without further ado, welcome to Debbie Macomber Month #1, a sure fire bet to give you some ideas for your next novel to read. You can read a list of Debbie Macomber books here.

The first book I would like to tell you about is: The Shop on Blossom Street. So the plot here revolves around Lydia who is the main character, and runs a knitting shop in the local community. Her backstory is quite sad, she’s a double cancer survivor, but that doesn’t really do the story justice. Her main hang-up is that now she is in remission, she is worried about whether to open herself up again, and look for a partner to eventually fall in love and start a life together.
This sets a really readable scene, and gives the book a compelling backdrop to set the plot against. On certain pages I found myself growing frustrated with Lydia and wanting to take her by the hand and say “come on this guy is what you need in your life right now!” At other times I was really moved by the references of her tragic backstory which gives Lydia an understandable air of fragility, making you think that she really does need to be wrapped in cotton wool and mothered.
Some critics will write of Macomber’s works that they are not truly great works of modern fiction. I think that misses the point, the aim of this book is not to create a literary masterpiece that will endure for centuries. It is about simple back to basics storytelling, and it really does work. By pulling at your heart strings Macomber makes you really care about the main character, you are invested in her triumphs and failures. So whilst at times I got frustrated with her apparent inability to open up, in my heart I was always rooting for her to take that step into the unknown.

The second work I would like to mention this month is: A Good Yarn. This book is part of the same Blossom Street series and is a great companion to get your literary teeth into. Lydia seems to have found happiness with a man called Brad, and looks to be moving on in life. Unfortunately for our lead, Brad’s ex-wife arrives on the scene early in the text, throwing every emotional coping mechanism Lydia has built up into a state of utter disarray and chaos.

This gives the book a brilliant fast paced feel where you are literally desperate to turn the page from cover to cover to find out what Macomber has in store for Lydia. Add to that the arrival of a continuous cast of new characters, as different members of the community begin to attend the knitting classes that Lydia hosts in her shop, the this book is really onto something. By focusing on the emotional and moral dilemmas of a broad section of society, you get a real sense of the makeup of the community, and can test your own moral barometer against a diverse and interesting range of characters.

Whilst any work from Debbie Macomber comes highly recommended, you will be hard pushed to find a better pair of books to introduce you to her record selling Blossom Street series. Adored by millions of readers around the world, make sure you add these to your amazon wish-list today!


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