Debbie Macomber Month #2: The Lighthouse Road, Rosewood Lane

The Lighthouse Road

The Lighthouse Road is the story of a young immigrant woman living outside Duluth in 1890. She finds herself alone in a new state, abandoned. On the other hand, her son falls in love with a forbidden woman and is building a small ark to escape. Though the both are trying to escape their past, their past keeps chasing them. Their fragile hope is capsized, their desires seems never reaching.


This book is intensely captivating depicting a misbegotten family who is victims of their circumstances. The rough landscape they live in with dangerous wildlife and extreme weather conditions, as well as their broken hearts, will move you. James Purefoy plays Spader who is a prisoner in transit with fellow inmates. After the ship sinks, Spader is among the few survivors along with the senseless serial killer Rock. The survivors set up a lighthouse to protect them. The somewhat entertaining thriller generates an atmospheric façade that is extreme for human existence. The blend of actions behind the scenes creates the spark of interest for all viewers. The book is action packed with dangerous encounters amidst genuine moments through the whole film. The main character is charismatic and gorgeous and will draw you to the film. The director Simon Hunter did an excellent job with the entire plot of the book. The quiet tension filled scenes are incredibly suspenseful. This is an incredible film that will leave asking for more action packed thrillers. Inhuman monsters, dangerous villains, ancient mysteries, and greed for power build intense moments throughout this brilliant thriller

Rosewood Lane

Dr. Sonny Blake played by Rose McGowan is a talk show host and psychiatrist who is bent on starting a new life in Rosewood Lane after the death of her father. Though Sonny was raised with extreme brutality by her now deceased father, she is struggling to maintain her calm and enjoy the gift of life. Sonny was traumatized by her father’s brutality and had to undergo therapy Dr. Cloey played by Lesley-Anne Down. On the other hand, Sonny’s boyfriend, DA Barrett Tanner played by Sonny Marinelli is a supportive partner who is very involved in her life. Things take a different turn when a neighbor advises Sonny that (Daniel Ross Owens who plays a paperboy is weird and she should be careful. One day, Sonny returns home to find out that the paperboy had broken into her house and might be the mastermind behind her father’s murder.


The intense suspense in the scenes holds a degree of interest for all viewers. The detectives do not believe that the paperboy is responsible. With each progression in the tale, more exciting events take place, keeping the audience hooked. When Barrett goes missing Sonny and Paula are sure that the paperboy has something to do with it. The book is very suspenseful will moments of intense pressure. This is a tale of treachery and love that entwines with mystery as Barrett is suddenly kidnapped. The directors of the book spin a tale that is riveting, suspenseful, and deliciously sexy with a unique take on relationships, and with one of a terrifying serial killer ever.


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