Debbie Macomber Month #3: 311 Pelican Court, 44 Canberry Point

311 Pelican Court

In Cedar Cove, 311 Pelican Court, the judge, Olivia Lockhart tells the couple Zach Cox (accountant) and Rosie Cox (schoolteacher) that the children (daughter, 15 and son 9 years old) would stay at Zach’s place and the divorced couple would take turns to be with them.

Olivia’s ex-husband, Stanley, kept visiting her as his second marriage didn’t work out. However Olivia wants Jack, (Editor of Cedar Cove Chronicle) to commit to her.

Grace Sherman, best friend of Olivia, is still in depression due to the suicide of her husband, Dan. And Maryellen has conceived, but does not want the father of her child to be anywhere near her and the child, while she gives birth or even after that.

However, during Thyme and Tyde Bed and Breakfast, one of the guests dies. This leaves Peggy Beldon and Bob Beldon, the owners, in absolute shock. Bob was more surprised as the demised guest looked extremely similar with someone that he knew from Vietnam when he and Dan were close. The private investigator, Roy McAfee is curious to know the identity of the death and what was the reason for his presence at that time of the night.

Unlike a novel, 311 Pelican Court is an intriguing piece of tale that comes across more like a series of rotating evocative description, account, or episode. Each piece of story is well woven and lets the reader have an insight around the lives of the main characters and also about a small town. The lead characters remain consistent and fabulous as they were in the preceding pieces.

44 Canberry Point

This piece of vignette revolves around the mysterious murder of the man, Max Russell at the Thyme and Tyde Bed and Breakfast. The man was from Vietnam and his death haunts Bob as he relives the horrors of war. He also comes to a conclusion that probably the next on the murderer’s list is he himself. Meanwhile, Max’s daughter turns up on one of the rough nights and looks for shelter. She also has many questions to which she is looking for answers.

Grace Sherman has moved on by accepting the death of her husband. She is heartbroken and blaming herself for her suffering. Cliff Harding, the man Grace loved had left her as he had found out that she had been cheating on him with someone online. She had made up her mind to lead the rest of her life single.

On the other hand, Ian is not ready to try for another child whereas Cecelia wants to try and have another baby after the tragedy with their daughter.

Maryellen Sherman and Jon Bowman decide to get married.

Olivia is back from her honeymoon. And it is hard for her to accept that her mother, Charlotte, was dating someone.

Almost everyone character from the previous book has some role to play in this one. Yet there are so many unsettled things that the readers would look forward to.

The Cedar Cove series are like a box of marshmallows : they are delicious, addictive, fluffy yet light (as per Publisher’s Weekly Review).


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