Debbie Macomber Month #4: Last One Home, Between Friends

Debbie Macomber is a number one New York Times bestselling writer and one of today’s most well known authors with more than 200 million duplicates of her books in print around the world. In this article we will look at the review of one of her books, Debbie Macomber Month #4, Last One Home and Between Friends.

Last One Home

Growing up, Cassie Carter and her sisters, Nichole and Karen , were very close until one unfortunate occasion that divided them. After finishing secondary school, Cassie fled from home to wed a wrong man, discarding a college scholarship and breaking the heart of her parents.

This can be seen through her difficult life she had after that she left home. She later opens herself to a new beginning that included reconciling with her sisters, discovering love afresh while understanding the power of having a fresh start and compassion.

What I like more about this book is the stunningly realistic and genuine story of 3 sisters discovering their way over into each other’s lives. Cassie who is the main character of the story left her home young, with an abusive boyfriend and pregnant. Running for her life to spare herself and her girl’s while her family walks out on her in her critical moment. However, the family did not know the conditions she was in. She also did not return home in time before the passing of her father. This in turn, brought about profound hurt and resentment.

Cassie gets a great opportunity with Habitat for Humanity which will at long last gives her and her little girl a genuine home. While working there she meets a troublesome foreman who does not like her at first. Later the two of them realize that they have undeniable chemistry and they can try and heal each other’s heart.

I related with the characters in this book, Cassie, Karen and Nichole a lot Cassie moved far from her whole family, and remained away for quite a while due to a huge misunderstanding. The sisters too took in an important lesson from the mix up that all people commit a mistake and forgiveness is a big piece of everybody lives. Last One Home is a tender and sweet story of life, family relationships and love. I definitely recommend it to every reader that enjoys romantic and dramatic books.

Between Friends

Jillian and Lesley are two young ladies from totally different backgrounds. Jillian Lawton is the only child of rich parents, while Lesley Adamski is from an average working family. They turn out to be best of friends in the turbulent 1960s. However their different life choices and decisions puts them in different situations.

I like the how the female friendship is portrayed and giving room for imagination through their journey of two ladies told in an epistolary format. Regardless of what happened to them, they were the definitions of hat true friendship is all about: they upheld each other through various challenges. The story is a dramatic with a bitter sweet and unpredictable tragedy. The love, devotion, and compatibility brings together the journey between Leslie and Jillian through the decades. From when they were young,their married life and relationships with their families.

This book is pleasant for anyone who love nostalgia or those that would like a taste of the mid-twentieth century Americana. It gives you two characters with different lives and admirable growth. I recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a quality book and values friendship.


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