Dan Brown Month #1: Angels & Demons

In a high-security laboratory appears killed a scientific with a strange symbol marked on his chest. For the professor Robert Landon there’s not any doubt about the killers. The illuminatis. The men who throughout the years have been fighting with the Church, since the Galileo’s time, they’re back. And this time, they have the most lethal gun that has been created by the humanity. This gun could give them the victory in the last battle against the Catholicism. Together with a young scientific girl and a skilled captain of the Suisse Guard, Langdon starts a race against the clock in a desperate research over the most secrets places of The Vatican. He’ll need all his knowledge to unlock the most hides keys that The Illuminati have left throughout the years in manuscripts and Temples. He will need all his courage to beat to the ruthless killer who alway seems take him the front.

Robert Langdon receives a call in the midnight (curiously as happen in The DaVinci Code). The person who made the call pleads to Robert travel until Suisse to resolve a murder. Although at the beginning he tries reject the request, he receive an image of the crime scene. And, he didn’t have any doubt to travel. In Suisse he finds a scientific who has been killed. And, he was marked with a word, Illuminati. The reason of the murder is a big experiment that could change the world.

So, he knows the attractive Victoria. The daughter of the killed one (Yes, at the equal than the DaVinci Code, the feminine protagonist is a relative of the victim, and that’s the only one thing that they have in common). Together they have to travel until The Vatican because it’s the place where the experiment of a mortal danger is founded. Exactly in the moment when the new Pope is going to be chosen. And he has taken up to there thanks to the Illuminati.

But that’s not all. The four candidacies to Pope have been rapted for that secret society and they’re thinking in kill them on the public. One by hour until the Twelve o’clock when the experiment get destroyed all The Vatican city. Our protagonists got into an adventure against the time trying discover where it’s going to be produced every murder.

A like a lot the general concept of the book. There was moment for all. Sometimes at the beginning, it was bored because they talked about physics and all that. And I didn’t understand as well. There was moments when I was turning me crazy, and other moments when I was wondering about every plot of the book.
This history is a little confuse but it has an amazing plot that will make you doubt of everything.


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