Dan Brown Month #2: The DaVinci Code

Today, there are a lot of novels and their pertinent cinematographic adaptations. These novel targets the called “theology-fiction” to question the historical truthfulness of the Christianism. There’s not any doubt they pretend to get earnings of the scandal that these novels produce in the believers and engage with an ignorant public of the religious culture. And engage with a familiarized public with the Christian imagery.

The author of “The DaVinci” code is Dan Brown. He uses the old method of filling pages. He writes chapters using a supposed information about history. But, these pages don’t have any historical, artistic or religious base. For that reason, the most eloquent review it’s just to show the Dan Brown’s thesis in a coldly way.

The story line of this novel it affirms that Jesus was married to Maria Magdalena. And he had a daughter with Maria. Throughout centuries, the Catholicism have had hidden this secret under murders and wars, supposedly. The repeated hypothesis of the Christianism detractors it doesn’t have any fundament in the history. For that reason any churchgoer Christian hold it. But the author’s documentation seems to find more reliable the script of “The Last Temptation of Christ” than years of biblical research.

The Catholic church appears in the book as a huge historical lie and as a product of one of the inventions of the Constantin Emperor who was looking for a religion for all the Empire. Until that moment the Christianism had been a religion from the Orient preached for a Jewish Prophet called Jesus who was married to Maria Magdalena and father of one daughter. The Emperor would have fused the Christians learnings to the pagans traditions with the intention of making more attractive the religion for the Empire’s people. He promoted the Council of Nicae where it was subject to voting the declaration of the Jesus divinity who was a common man until that moment. This distortion obliged to destroy all the evangelicals histories and to transcribe them. In the manipulation would have suppressed the figure of the woman of Jesus to become her in the current Maria Magdalena.

Since that moment, the feminine and sexual aspect of the Christian religion would have systematically rejected by the Church. This historical fiction allows to the author of the novel descript the Catholic Church represented by The Vatican and the Opus Dei as an enemy of the woman and the truth. Furthermore, as an Institution able of every type of crimes include affirming that the Catholic Church had killed to five millions of women.

In contrast to the lie of the Christianism, it has been writing the religiosity of the pre-Christians worships as truth. And, they adored the feminine divinity and practiced the holy sex.

The conclusion of the novel it’s that’s not enough show the supposed truth about the Christians discovering the proofs of the marriage of Jesus to Maria Magdalena whether not it’s necessary that the Catholic Church recognize their imposture and their crimes. Returning to adore the divine feminity, that it will force to change their moral doctrine about sexuality and the priesthood of the women.

At the view of the hare-brained of the Dan Brown’s background thesis, the authenticity is in question. And, the novel affirmations go down by its height. Too much invention, too much cruelty, too much perversion as to be at least plausible. But the most innocent readers can the idea that the Catholic Church and in particular The Vatican and The Opus Dei are a little reliable Institution.


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