Dan Brown Month #3: The Lost Symbol

This book is written by the American writer Dan Brown in 2009. The Lost Symbol is a thriller novel performed in Washington, D.C. The book is cascaded on Freemasonry and after the events of The Da Vinci Code for both its primary characters and recurring themes.

The novel starts with the invitation of a Harvard symbolist called Robert Langdon to deliver a powerful lecture at the U.S. Capitol. The invitation came from a reputable 33rd degree Manson and mentor of the symbolist called Peter Solomon. Peter Solomon also is the leader of the Smithsonian Institution for studies. In the process of the invitation, Langdon was asked by his mentor to bring along a small sealed package entrusted unto him several years before. On arrival at the Capitol, the Harvard symbolist discovered that the invitation did not come from his mentor. However, Robert learns that he has been invited by Mal’akh, the kidnapper of his mentor acting as an assistant. Mal’akh, has dealt treacherously with Robert’s mentor in a recreation called the Hand of Mysteries. The first task that Solomon’s kidnapper offered Robert is to find the Mason’s Pyramid. Most Masons believe that the Pyramid is located around Lost Word and the Washington, D.C. area. This is the only item that Mal’akh needs otherwise Robert’s mentor will be killed.

Inoue Sato, the head of the CIA Office Security and the chief of the Capitol police Trent Anderson finally came in contact with Robert Langdon. The head of the CIA Office Security mentioned that Solomon’s kidnapper is a threat to the U.S. national sovereignty. While refusing to make any emphasis, Sato continued that Peter’s rescue is less important to capturing Mal’akh. Solomon’s Masonic altar in a confinement in the Capitol’s sub-basement was discovered by properly examining his hand. Investigators later discovered a tiny pyramid material without a capstone and a carved inscription on it.

Robert Langdon came to the Capitol with a bag containing security x-ray equipment, which Sato later confronted him to know about. As Langdon entered the Capitol, the small pyramid package was revealed and some security officials knew about it. Robert simply came to defense by explaining that he did not know anything about the value of the small pyramid package in his bag. Since the head of the CIA Office Security was not satisfied and comfortable with the answer provided by Robert Langdon, she decided to make him remain in the custody. Prior to arresting Langdon, Warren Bellamy, a Freemason and the Architect of the Capital assaulted both Anderson and Sato. Warren Bellamy succeeded in taking Robert Langdon away from his captors and flees with him while confusion erupted in the arena. In the aftermath of the escape, Bellamy finally explained why he rescued Langdon. Warren mentioned that he has always contacted Mal’akh and wants Rober’s support to rescue Solomon. At the end of the scene, Solomon’s kidnapper was revealed as a Freemason with a gamut of tattoos all over his body. Among other characters of The Lost Symbol is Isabel Solomon, Trish Dunne, Katherine Solomon, Jonas Faukman, Reverend Colin Galloway and Nola Kaye.


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