Gillian Flynn Review

Growing up with a mom who taught reading and a dad who taught
film for a living, Flynn’s life was all about books and movies. She grew up
loving both and knew that she would be a great writer. As a young person she
was an avid reader and that influenced her choice of a Bachelor’s degree in
English and Journalism and later a Masters Degree in Journalism. Her passion
for writing led her into writing for a trade magazine in California and later
for the Entertainment Weekly. It was not until 2006 when she published her
first novel titled ‘Sharp Objects.’ This was a great book that won two dagger
Awards in a year. Since then she has never looked back and has published
several novels. Here are the best three. Continue reading


Duncan Falconer Review

Duncan Falconer is a celebrated writer who has authored a number of thrilling and interesting novels. Falconer went through a great ordeal during his early days in North London where he grew up in an orphanage and later got adopted by a British couple from Battersea where he spent his entire childhood. He joined the British Military at the age of 19 as a royal marine and served in the special boat services. Falconer went down in history for becoming the youngest to join the British Special Forces where he got a chance to serve in a number of units inside the military. Continue reading

Welcome To Monthly Book Reviews!

My name is Steven, and I am a very fast reader.

I am a huge fan of fiction books, and I go through tons of them every month.

I decided to start up this blog, with what I hope is a neat concept: every month, I pick a new author.  Then I go through that authors books – not all of them unless they only have a limited amount, and I read their books then review them.

Simple enough right?

Thanks for reading.