Stephen King Month #2: Salem’s Lot, Pet Sematary, The Dead Zone

Salem’s Lot by Stephen King

This is a horror fictional novel that is the second work of Stephen King. The setting of the book is based in a small town known as Salem’s Lot for short or Jerusalem. The main character in the book is known as Ben Mears who lived in the town when he was 9 up to 13 years old. When Ben returns to the town after 25 years later, he is surprised by what he sees. Everyone in the town is now turning into a vampire and this amazed him very much. Despite this situation in the city, Ben becomes a high school teacher best friend. The teacher was known as Matt Burke. Through this, he manages to fall in love with a young college graduate known as Susan Norton. While in the town, he remembers the bad conditions he experienced in his childhood while living in the Mastern House. He decides to start writing books about the abandoned house that had now been bought by an Australian immigrant known as Kurt Barlow.

This is a very smart horror novel that will always motivate you and encourage you in life. You can always find the complete book online. It is one of the best work that has been done by Stephen King.

Pet Sematary

This is another smart horror book done by Stephen King in 1983. The main character in the book is known as Louis Creed who is a doctor by profession and is from Chicago. Creed is appointed the director of a health service in the University of Maine’s campus. After this appointment, he decides to stay just next to a small town of Ludlow together with his family that is his wife Rachel and two children Gage and Ellie. Ellie has a cat church that he carries with him to their new house. Life in their new home start becoming miserable as they start experiencing challenges. Gage was stung by a bee while Ellie gets a knee injury after falling from a swing. They get to have a very considerate neighbor known as Jud Crandall who comes to assist them. He warns them of the dangerous highway that is used by heavy trucks.

You can continue reading more about this horror novel by getting it online. The book is just more than you may have heard of the stories. Get this smart work of Stephen King and you will definitely love it.

The Dead Zone by Stephen King

This supernatural thriller novel was published in 1979. It is another perfect novel by Stephen King that you will love reading. You can always find it online for the complete story. The main character in the novel is Johnny Smith who at once was involved in a terrifying accident while he was ice-skating. After five years, he starts seeing very scaring secrets saying “Don’t jump it no more” but he since his brain suffered serious damage, he cannot actually identify every detail of his Dead Zone. After a while Johnny is again injured as he was trying to jump start his car battery. Later in the book, Johnny becomes a high school teacher in the Eastern Maine. This is just a short summary of the book. Go online now and you will find how Johnny progresses with life.


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