Welcome To Monthly Book Reviews!

My name is Steven, and I am a very fast reader.

I am a huge fan of fiction books, and I go through tons of them every month.

I decided to start up this blog, with what I hope is a neat concept: every month, I pick a new author.  Then I go through that authors books – not all of them unless they only have a limited amount, and I read their books then review them.

Simple enough right?

Thanks for reading.


MJ Arlidge Review

MJ Arlidge needs no introduction, at least not in the literary world. Born in 1974 in London, Arlidge began his thirst for writing way back even before he could delve into the world of Film & Television production.

He attended the St. John’s College where he would later graduate with a degree in English literature. It is this background that made him one of the most respected names, not only in the film production industry but also as an author of crime novels. In this article, we shall review 3 of his most riveting novels. Continue reading

Jeff Abbott Review

Jeff Abbott needs no introduction. This award-winning American suspense novelist has indeed inspired the literary world with his masterpiece. Born in 1963, Jeff began his writing career focusing on traditional detective fiction but over time, he found his niche in thriller actions.

Basically, Jeff tries to capture the ordeals of the average man that gets caught in the thick of things, and his efforts to save himself and return to his normal life. In this post, we will review some of his best-selling novels and see what the English and History graduate brings onto the table. Continue reading

Gillian Flynn Review

Growing up with a mom who taught reading and a dad who taught
film for a living, Flynn’s life was all about books and movies. She grew up
loving both and knew that she would be a great writer. As a young person she
was an avid reader and that influenced her choice of a Bachelor’s degree in
English and Journalism and later a Masters Degree in Journalism. Her passion
for writing led her into writing for a trade magazine in California and later
for the Entertainment Weekly. It was not until 2006 when she published her
first novel titled ‘Sharp Objects.’ This was a great book that won two dagger
Awards in a year. Since then she has never looked back and has published
several novels. Here are the best three. Continue reading

Duncan Falconer Review

Duncan Falconer is a celebrated writer who has authored a number of thrilling and interesting novels. Falconer went through a great ordeal during his early days in North London where he grew up in an orphanage and later got adopted by a British couple from Battersea where he spent his entire childhood. He joined the British Military at the age of 19 as a royal marine and served in the special boat services. Falconer went down in history for becoming the youngest to join the British Special Forces where he got a chance to serve in a number of units inside the military. Continue reading