John Grisham Month #4: The Appeal, The Associate, The Confession, The Racketeer

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John Grisham Month #3: The Partner, The Street Lawyer, The King of Torts, The Broker

The Partner

Patrick Lanigan, a succesful lawyer with a beautiful family and a bright future, fakes his own death and swipes ninety million dollars from his law firm. Four years later, he is caught and tries to escape the criminal and civil cases against him.

This is one of the first John Grisham books where the hero of the story is an actual bad guy. The character is written so well that you end up rooting for him anyways and feel guilty about it the whole while. The story is entertaining but the crime is a bit too flawless and hard to believe. The Partner is overall a good read though and I recommend checking it out.

The Street Lawyer

In John Grisham’s The Street Lawyer, a high priced lawyer is held hostage by a man who was wronged by his firm. The situation prompts him to dig deeper into the what really happens and causes him to become an advocate for the homeless people of the city.

The Street Lawyer is not one of Grisham’s most exciting books, however, it was thought provoking and well thought out. The character is written into a razor sharp plot in a way that makes you really think about the people less fortunate that yourself. The main character is someone who you can relate to and really learn to like as he takes on more and more throughout the novel. This book is a very good read as long as you are not expecting a lot of suspence and plot twists.

The King of Torts

Clay Carter works as a public defender but dreams of a better life in a real law firm. Then a murder case is dropped into his lap that finds him in the middle of a complex conspiracy case with the largest pharmacutical company in the country.

I found the main character of this book to be hard to relate to mostly because I just didn’t like who he was. The overall story is interesting but the character lost me pretty quickly and I had a hard time wanting to finish the novel. Always a John Grisham fan, I did push through to the end but would not recommend this book.

The Broker

The Broker is a powerful tale of a lobbyist who became too greedy and was about to sell an intelligence satellite system to the highest bidder. The man is pardoned so that the CIA can use him as bait to find out who created the system.

The Broker is one of my favorite John Grisham books. It is very intelligently written and the characters are full of depth and really keep your interest throughout the entire novel. There is one part of the book where he learns Italian where the novel really slows down and its hard to keep your interest but that scene is a very small portion of the entire book and the rest of it is really well done. I read this one on a plane and it was a great way to spend a very long trip.